FM Law Office has a blend of highly experienced and qualified team of lawyers who are practicing at Preliminary, appeal and Supreme Courts. The firm is directly managed by Fahar Mohammed Abdul Rahman al Moosa who is the founder and chairman of the firm. He worked with many administrative centers and gained experience in the field of banking and in various sectors of businesses that gave him the opportunity to expertise and gain knowledge to handle varied cases of banking and related business contracts, bank specializations, commercial business, insurance, deposits, projects, to identify all commercial and administrative disputes, participate in many meetings to find appropriate solutions to overcome the crisis. His knowledge with eighteen years of experience in handling litigation’s civil, commercial lawsuits, leases, claims of personal status, inheritance, disputes, debt banking, mortgages, booking, preparing investment contracts, the establishment of companies, mediate conciliation and work adjustments friendly and study all the laws of the Sultanate by virtue of its current position as a legal expert.

The office provides all its services through a number of qualified lawyers and consultants in all disciplines. The lawyers led by Senior Advocate with 25 years of experience in this field. Each member of our team of lawyers are highly experienced and are specialized in various departments such as Administrative law, Banking & Finance, Commercial Agencies, Contracts, Insurance Law, Lab our Disputes, Land Lease, Commercial Arbitration, Debt Collection etc. In addition, we have an integrated Omani team which includes selection of lawyers working at all areas of law.

FM Law Office has professionally qualified and trained staff that performs a variety of administrative duties necessary to run an organization efficiently. Our administrative staff is fully committed to provide our clients with accurate and high quality service apart from ensuring that all court related matters are dealt with as expeditiously as possible.

Our Team