Practice Area

Preparing, studying and reviewing all legal contracts between individuals, companies or administrative bodies, and working to formulate them in a sophisticated, understandable and detailed manner to meet the needs and in accordance with the will of the contracting parties, to carry out all legal works related to the formation and registration of companies and the work of regulations for organizing work in them, in terms of their hierarchy and method of daily dealings And preparing the sanctions list, dealing with bankruptcy cases, restructuring, legal or judicial liquidations, and preparing agreements for merging joint stock companies.

Carrying out all litigation and arbitration work, banking and capital markets operations, and all insurance disputes and their settlement, and working to impose appropriate solutions for them.

Working to find solutions to common problems between the two parties to the rental relationship, and both the owner and the tenant are aware of the rights and duties of each of them.

We work as certified legal attorneys, and we provide full advice upon concluding contracts on the feasibility of stipulating whether or not to place an arbitration clause in the contract, according to the nature of each contract

It is an 80% regular field of work in the office, after more than ten years of experience in which we have practiced all kinds of claims for compensation claims resulting from traffic accidents.

Given the labor relationship as a contractual system binding on both sides without prejudice to the idea of ​​a weak party to the contract

By getting acquainted with the registration system in the records and the best way to extract documents from them

As a general law, it is not permissible to apologize for ignorance of what is in it and to educate clients about some mistakes that result in criminal accountability

It is the most common law in dealing with the movement of citizens and residents using various means of transportation

Developing the concepts related to the definition of the different types of insurance and clarifying the peremptory texts and texts supplementing the unified motor insurance policy

Laying the foundations for the registration system for a product, innovator, or author, and the methods specified by law for their protection

By making adequate awareness for merchants and commercial companies of all kinds of the nature of commercial contracts and methods of proving them, and the system of working with commercial papers

An attempt to avoid disputes arising from differences or overlapping borders, and to ensure that appropriate solutions exist in order to protect the right of the neighbor.

Concluding all contracts for companies of persons and funds, establishing the articles of association for the company, and editing the internal regulations for its work system.

Preparing contracts for companies with foreign investment, registering them, drawing up their articles of association, and editing the internal regulations for their work system.

Drafting of all forms civil contracts. He described some unnamed contracts with the closest similar contract to them, drafted all agreements in a manner appropriate to the description of obligations in them, and made recommendations for the termination of contracts or agreement to cancel them.

Establishing a special system for how to actually practice litigation procedures, and stating the
commitment to the deadlines set for taking the action, stating the effect of violating them, and
ensuring that effective means are taken to implement judgments.

Introducing its provisions, the will system, and how to extract it

Educating the commercial agent of his rights and obligations before dealing with it