FaharMohd. Abdulrahman Al Moosa

Fahar Mohammed Abdulrahman AlMoosawith total experience of 24 years ,established the FALM Law Office in 2008 after 13 years of extensive Banking experience and understanding of laws, legal codes, court procedures, precedents and government regulations. Worked as a legal advisor in Oman International Bank, he is involved in drafting and reviewing the suits before handing over to the lawyers. He also involved in drafting and reviewing tenders, contracts, agreements and providing legal advices on various issues to the Board members of OIB. He has also advised numerous local and international clients on various commercial and corporate matters relating to Omani law and practice.

He is a graduate from Alexandria University, Egypt. He is licensed to appear in front of Primary and Appeal and supreme courts of Sultanate of Oman. As the Manager of Fahar Al Moosa Legal Consultancy, he gained extensive knowledge of banking, insurance and other laws by handling various cases for its clients.